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Household & Garment Accessories
Collar ribs plastic 10x55mm transp 24pc
Whether you sew, style or repair yourself – there’s a whole range of clever tools and aids wa... Read More
Fabric glue Textil+ 30g
For glueing leather, fabrics, rubber, wood, metal, synthetics and lots more. For other con... Read More
Steam iron Mini 1pc
With Euro safety plug in accordance with CEE 7/7 ideal for needlework, handicrafts and when trave... Read More
Fray check 22.5 ml 1pc
A colourless liquid which strengthens and binds fabric surfaces; prevents textiles from fraying.... Read More
Clip-On Towel and Cloth Loops for linen white
Loops, polyester tape with press fastener, suitable for linen, hand and kitchen towels. Fo... Read More
Towel clips 24pc
Clips, plastic, for kitchen towels, hand and kitchen towels. For other types, please refer... Read More
Glue stick 1pc
For attaching fabrics, appliqués, emblems, lace and lots more; can be washed out. For oth... Read More
Flexi button w loop 10+15+19mm 3pc
For widening shirt collars and waistbands; rust protected. For other practical accessories... Read More
Sleeve ironing board
Can be locked in place; with steam permeable cover that can be used on both sides; choice of eith... Read More
Iron cleaner 20g 1pc
Suitable for all irons for cleaning the surface of an iron; removes dirt and limescale deposits.... Read More