Staying True To Tradition

Prym is Germany’s oldest family owned business, with a reputation for high-quality metal products, from sewing needles to electronic components.

To shed more light on the beginnings of the company and better understand the pioneering developments which ensured our success and paved the way to the 21st century, the William Prym corporate archive has been researching the company’s history for decades.

The firm’s history dates back to the 14th century, when a man named Johann Prym is reported to have worked in the metal industry in 1340.

With the development of mass production, our product range has continued to grow bigger and better. We have also long been a pioneer in the field of marketing. In fact, “Prym” and “Prym’s Zukunft” (Prym’s future) were among the very first brand names of the 19th century, while the stag with a needle in its antlers (featured in the family’s coat of arms) is one of the most famous trademarks in the needlework industry.

Today, we offer an even wider range of products: from press fasteners and knitting needles to contact pins and high-tech microelectronic components, our products can be found almost everywhere you look.

Over the centuries, our respect for tradition combined with our commitment to innovation has ensured that we are always able to satisfy the needs of our customers and our staff.